Assistant Professor

City University of Hong Kong


Jizhou Li is currently an Assistant Professor at School of Data Science, City University of Hong Kong. With his background in mathematics and engineering, he is particularly interested in advancing the capabilities of a broad range of imaging techniques to accelerate interdisciplinary research and discovery. His recent activities are focused on computational imaging and analysis in X-ray/optical microscopy with applications to healthcare and energy materials science.


CVPR Best Paper Award Finalist

Our paper “ Learning to deblur using light field generated and real defocus images” is selected in the CVPR 2022 Best Paper Award Finalist (Oral, Top 0.4%).
CVPR Best Paper Award Finalist

SIAM Early Career Travel Awards

Jizhou received the Early Career Travel Awards for attending SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (IS22), March 21-25, 2022.
SIAM Early Career Travel Awards